Lynn Buell Psychoanalysis is provided by psychotherapists who are graduates of psychoanalytic institutes. These psychotherapists are physicians, psychologists and social workers who have completed professional training and have undertaken training at a psychoanalytic institute lasting six to ten years. Psychoanalysts are the only mental health professionals required to undergo a personal psychoanalysis as part of their training.

Psychoanalysis is a comprehensive treatment that addresses core issues in addition to symptoms. It enables you to become aware of and master previously unconscious and habitual patterns of dealing with uncomfortable feelings and to develop a wider array of defenses, which are more efficient and effective.

Psychoanalysis may be helpful for individuals of any age who may have achieved satisfaction in many areas of their lives, but still have difficulties achieving and/or sustaining success with work and love. . Your difficulties are long standing going back to childhood and may include depression, low self esteem, and anxiety, which prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Psychoanalysis involves a significant commitment on the part of the analysand (the client) and analyst. Sessions are more frequent and regular than in psychotherapy, and you are encouraged to say whatever is on your mind, including your dreams, feelings and thoughts. In a safe atmosphere, you become increasingly aware of your inner conflicts and world and, as a result, gain increasing control over your choices and life.

Psychoanalysis may lead to an improvement in your energy level, creativity and achievement in your work and personal goals. Because of these changes, psychoanalysis may have a positive effect on others in your life.

My theoretical approach:
I have a plural theoretical approach to psychoanalysis. My thinking and techniques are informed by the new Ego Defense Analysis or Ego Psychology, British Object Relations and Self Psychology. I also include knowledge of human development in my work. An aspect of my work is an emphasis on integrating these theories moment to moment in the hour.